Sep 2, 2006

PM Badawi wants to know: Did Scomi get govt contracts?

Just an apology will be the only things to do?

Extracted from BERNAMA
Abdullah Ready To Apologise If His Statement Proven Untrue

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 2 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Saturday he was prepared to apologise to the people if his statement about his son's business over TV3 last month is proven to be untrue.

He said he had asked the Scomi Group, in which his son Kamaluddin is a major shareholder, to submit a report of its business activities, especially those relating to government projects.

Abdullah did that because there were allegations that he had lied about Kamaluddin's business interests during a 40-minute interview with Bernama Chairman Datuk Mohd Annuar Zaini which was aired by TV3 on Aug 7.

In the interview, Abdullah denied that Kamaluddin had obtained benefits, including government projects, due to his being the son of the prime minister. He had also said that Kamaluddin had never asked any help from the government.

When opening the Ampang Umno Division delegates conference here today, the prime minister said: "I've received a letter saying that Pak Lah (Abdullah) has lied.

"I read the contents of the letter. There is some information which I don't know about because I don't run my son's business. I don't ask him (Kamaluddin) to report to me. He's already an adult," he said.

Abdullah said the letter alleged that Scomi had obtained several government projects and that this was contrary to the explanation he had given during the interview, that to his knowledge Kamaluddin had never obtained government projects.

"I've asked for a report from Scomi. Let me see. If I was wrong, I don't want to lie. I will apologise to all," he said.

He said he would make the apology only after he had looked into the report from Scomi and established that it his statement was untrue.

Extracted from TheStar

Submit report, Pak Lah tells Scomi

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said some people had told him he had lied in the TV3 interview regarding Scomi.

He said in a press conference that he has asked Scomi to submit a report and added that he has never asked his son to report to him on what his company was doing.

He said that if he was wrong in the interview, he would apologise to everybody.

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