Sep 5, 2006

No directive to vote against Tun Mahathir

The beginning of the "denial" game.

Excerpt from MalaysiaKini
Umno Kubang Pasu division chief Mohd Johari Baharum has denied that the party instructed him to prevent ex-mentor Dr Mahathir Mohamad from being elected a delegate to the annual general assembly in November.

“I never told members not to vote for him, it’s up to them (as) I told them earlier on - before the nomination - he (Mahathir) already said I stopped (him from contesting),” claimed Johari, when reporters approached him at the Parliament lobby today for comments.

Yesterday, Mahathir alleged that instructions had been issued to delegates not to ‘choose’ him at Saturday’s Kubang Pasu Umno division meeting - the division he headed for more than two decades while he was premier and party president up to 2003.

Johari, who succeeded Mahathir at divisional level and in the parliamentary seat, had been named as the person whom the supreme council had purportedly asked to prevent Mahathir’s election as a delegate.

Johari rebutted Mahathir’s statement, attributing it to fury.

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