Sep 10, 2006

Nazri: The secret of Dr M’s success

Mr Jantan with his smart point of view.

Extracted from TheStar

Nazri: The secret of Dr M’s success

KUALA KANGSAR: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has exposed three “secrets” behind Tun Dr Mahahtir’s outstanding leadership – Umno; support from party members; and full support for his leadership.

It was Umno that had turned Dr Mahathir into a respected and remarkable leader, he said when opening Padang Rengas Umno division meeting yesterday.

“Tun would not have gotten where he is now if he had not chosen Umno as the platform to pursue his political career,” said the Padang Rengas Umno division chief.

“It was also because of the strong support given by Umno members that he was able to weather all kinds of problems inside and outside the party.

“Under his leadership, we also ensured that he was the only captain of the ship,” he said in his speech.

“We want him to support Pak Lah (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) as the captain, just as what we have supported him,” he said.

Nazri said his bluntness towards Dr Mahathir was not because he did not respect the former Umno president.

“What I have done is to protect Umno. I love the party more.”

“Umno will be destroyed if we allow two captains to rule,” he said.

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