Sep 10, 2006

Mahathir fails - came in ninth place

Extracted from MalaysiaKini
Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has failed in his bid to become Umno Kubang Pasu’s delegate to the party general assembly in November.

He polled 227 out of 472 votes and came in 9th among the 15 candidates vying to be part of the seven divisional delegates (G7).

His son Mukhriz made the cut by polling 289 votes which was the 5th highest in the number of votes.

The results were announced at 5.05pm by Umno Alor Star chief Ahmad Bashah Hanifah who was coordinating the delegates poll.

The other six elected delegates are Ahmad Hamid (317), Samsudin Ahmad (311), Mohd Fadzli Abdul Halim (296), Shuib Din (293), Zulkifli Yaakob (286) and Manaf Kecik (270).

Mahathir was seen leaving the hall where the divisional annual meet was held long before the final tally at about 3.30pm.

He was 44 votes short of winning his smallest political contest in decades amidst claims that the anti-Mahathir faction campaigned fiercely to the extent of using government machineries to ensure that the former Kubang Pasu MP was not elected.

This is possibly his first electoral defeat in almost 30 years and ironically it is here in Kubang Pasu - a constitutency in which he had been the undisputed leader for three decades - where he faced a humiliating rejection.

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