Sep 8, 2006

Final Appeal To Dr Mahathir To Withdraw Candidacy As Umno Delegate

It's not appropriate because Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum said so?

Extracted from BERNAMA

Final Appeal To Dr Mahathir To Withdraw Candidacy As Umno Delegate

JITRA, Sept 7 (Bernama) -- With one more day to go before the Kubang Pasu Umno Division delegates meeting, its head Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum has made a final appeal to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to withdraw his candidacy as a delegate to the Umno General Assembly in November.

Johari said he had sent a letter to the former party president and former prime minister urging him not to take part in the contest on Saturday for it would not appropriate for him as a statesman.

"This is a final appeal before the divisional delegates meeting on Saturday. I humbly make this appeal to Tun," he said while keeping his emotion in check at a press conference that was attended by most of the division's committee members.

Although the former prime minister was not barred from contesting, he said the division hoped that he would withdraw to safeguard his image.

Mohd Johari said he had high regard for Dr Mahathir who had headed the division for 30 years.

"We have not asked anything from Tun. We just want to appeal to Tun," he said.

When asked what if Dr Mahathir ignored the appeal, Mohd Johari said: "It's his right. If he wants to contest, we will not stop him. But I'll be sad," he said.

Mohd Johari, who is also Deputy Internal Security Minister, said Dr Mahathir, who has received 15 nominations, was among 17 candidates vying to be seven elected delegates to the Umno general assembly.


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