Aug 31, 2006

Traffic cop allegedly taking bribe caught on video

I can foresee the ending of this case just like any other cases in Malaysia. First someone will make a noise in Parliament, then everyone will be talking about the video and finally towards the end, the blame will be on the person that brought up the issue in parliament and the person who shot this video and also made a bribe to the policeman. While the actual policeman that took the bribe will not be even all the center of the commotion.

Sounds familiar?

By the way, Happy 49th Birthday MALAYSIA.

Excerpt from MalaysiaKini
Video phones are becoming the bane of the police force. Clip after clip of police misconduct have been exposed over the past months though this new technology.

Now, a new clip has surfaced on the broadcast website YouTube. The clip purportedly shows a traffic policeman accepting bribe from a motorist.

The three-minute clip, allegedly filmed on July 12, 2003, also displays the words ‘Anti-Corruption Avengers’.

In the incident, a traffic policeman on a motorbike flags down a motorist who is spotted speaking on his mobile phone while driving.

He then whips out his summons book and proceeds to tell the motorist that he has committed an offence and can be issued a summon for RM300.

The driver, who claims that it was an emergency call from his boss, pleads with the policeman to be let off the hook.

“I am broke this month. Please sir, I don’t have that kind of money. Help me sir, this is my first offence,” he tells the policeman, who replies: “How can I help you, this is a serious matter... RM300 fine.”

The driver continues to plead, saying he was only talking briefly on the mobile phone but the policeman tells him that even a brief conversation is against the law.

How to settle?

Following this, policeman says, “I can help you but how do you want to settle this?”

When the driver says he is sorry and that he does not have much money, the policeman replies that an apology alone will not be sufficient.

The driver then offers RM50 to the policeman, saying: “This is all I have, please let’s settle this. If I have the money I would pay the summon, but I don’t have money this month.”

The policeman relents. “Okay, Okay, put it (the money) under the licence,” he tells the driver, who readily obliges.

After looking around, the policeman takes the money and returns the driving license to the grateful driver and tells him: “Don’t do it (talking on the phone and driving) again. Good evening”. [See video]

Although the authenticity of the video-clip cannot be ascertained, corruption has always been cited as a major problem in the police force.

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kewter said...

malaysia boleh?

Anonymous said...

The cops on highway operation are thugs .. they tell you a speed usually 121 or 131 kmph always xx1).. its to make you feel undeniable that you are in access ..My Huge Indignation is I know where they hide .. enroute JB to KL ..131 km phantom cop will hide some where .. 5 and 10 km b4 spot i travel 100km .. but kena stop at 141 km (kelong).. Then the usual wayang..che suda lari kuat..bla bla bla .. boleb baya ke bali,pejabat atau kirim point mintak tolong .. jakan buang masa tell him you biasa belanga rm50..stike price..than jadi..he shows humanity tells you at 155 jasin awas got ops...anyway its a probably take 3 life time to rid this..Dam sore..... TAK SABA