Aug 1, 2006

Spray attack aimed at 'silencing' Tun Mahathir

Who is the "Datuk"?

Meanwhile, the Police is denying any conspiracy involved.

** Link - Tun Mahathir attacked

Excerpt from MalaysiaKini
Former Kelantan Umno strongman Ibrahim Ali claimed that Friday’s ‘spray attack’ was aimed at preventing former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad from addressing the crowd at the Sultan Ismail Petra airport.

The former deputy minister said he was oblivious that Mahathir had been dragged away immediately after the attack in a black car allegedly arranged by former Kuala Krai Umno leader Nik Sapeia Nik Yusoff.

“(The attack) was meant to either sabotage or delay the (Mahathir) events,” he said in response to a question.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the police have extended the remand of a ‘Datuk’ who was arrested in connection with the incident till tomorrow.

The unknown ‘Datuk’ - who is believed to be a former Kelantan Umno leader - is presently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Kota Bharu.

Excerpt from BERNAMA
MALAYSIAN police yesterday warned rumour mongers against spreading conspiracy theories concerning the pepper stray attack on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan said speculation on the Internet that men from the police special operations force were behind the attack was not true.

He said police would take action against anyone spreading such lies.

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