Aug 18, 2006

Seremban UMNO : PM Badawi has not answered the questions raised by Tun Mahathir

Good to hear this. Hopefully more will follow Seremban UMNO Division Chief's footstep.

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Excerpt from MalaysiaKini
The Seremban Umno division today said former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad was speaking the truth and should not be silenced.

Division chief Ishak Ismail expressed disappointment that numerous quarters were treating Mahathir unfairly and trying to gag him.

"Why are they making noises when he (Mahathir) talks - he is only speaking the truth," he said when contacted today.

Until now, he said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has not answered the questions raised by his predecessor.

Ishak also said the division would invite Mahathir to address Umno Seremban if the party leadership continued to criticise and prevent the former premier from speaking out.

"I voiced this when giving my speech at the Seremban Umno division meeting over the weekend and the delegates agreed.

"We are not against the current leadership but as a former Umno president, Mahathir must be treated fairly and not be criticised and silenced like it is now," he said.

The Seremban Umno meet was officiated by party supreme council member Dr Rais Yatim, who is also the culture, arts and heritage minister. It was attended by 312 delegates from 68 branches.

On the same note, Ishak said the Seremban Umno division delegates agreed that what was raised by Mahathir pertaining to the half-bridge, Proton and Approved Permits were valid.

"The answers given by the cabinet ministers appear to be more like apple polishing Abdullah instead of replying to Mahathir," he added.

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