Aug 28, 2006

NHK News Update : Malaysian Company linked with Nuclear device sales to Libya

Extracted from NHK News

Police: Mitsutoyo provided expertise for nuclear-related equipment
Tokyo police say a Japanese precision instrument maker suspected of having exported devices suitable for use in developing nuclear arms also provided the expertise necessary to use them.

The president of Mitutoyo Corporation, Kazusaku Tezuka, and four other firm executives were arrested on Friday on suspicion of illegally exporting three-dimensional measuring devices to a subsidiary in Malaysia in 2001.

The order for the devices was placed by a Malaysian company believed to be linked to Abdul Qadeer Khan, a Pakistani scientist known for his illicit dealings in a global nuclear black market.

Tokyo police say employees of the Mitutoyo subsidiary visited the Malaysian company and provided it with an informational video explaining the device's use.

Police say one of the devices was later shipped to Libya. They are now probing if know-how on the devices may have been leaked to Libya as well.

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