Aug 20, 2006

MCA members are upset with remarks by Khairy

The famous son-in-law said the wrong thing again!.

Extracted from BERNAMA
Khairy To Meet MCA Vice Chief To Clarify His Speech

KLUANG, Aug 20 (Bernama) -- Umno Vice Chief Khairy Jamaluddin will meet MCA Vice Chief Datuk Ling Hee Leong to clarify his speech in Kedah last Friday which had upset a number of Barisan Nasional component party leaders.

Stating that the leaders had misconstrued the message in his speech when he opened the Jerlun division Umno Youth delegates meeting, he said the matter was not a new issue.

Khairy was commenting on Chinese newspapers reports on the outcry of the BN component party leaders over Khairy's remarks that the Chinese community would capitalise on Umno's weaknesses.

Besides Ling, other leaders who voiced their displeasure over the remarks were MCA Vice President Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek, party Secretary General Dr Wee Ka Siong and Gerakan Vice Secretary Datuk Lee Kah Choon.

The speech was meant to bolster Umno and not to tear the fabric of goodwill upheld by the BN component parties, Khairy told reporters after opening the Kluang division Umno Youth delegates meeting here Sunday.

Khairy said he stressed on the spirit of consensus in BN and Umno as the backbone of BN had to be strong for the well-being of the coalition.

"What I said was that we must progress together, we need a strong Umno. We must accept that the strength of BN lies with Umno and Umno has to be strong for the good of BN.

"If Umno is not strong, some quarters might take advantage and affect the goodwill in BN, not the other kind of advantage. This was my message," he said.

However, he said, he had yet to find out the content of the reports in the Chinese press.

"I was informed only this morning. My message was clear, BN strength is derived from Umno. I hope other leaders understand this. The component parties need a strong Umno. I received a request (for a meeting) from Datuk Ling (Hee Leong), so I will see him soon," he said.


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    Anonymous said...

    "the strength of BN lies with Umno"...

    bwhahaha...i always thought that strength of BN lies with the cooperation of many political parties...

    wow...a whole new revelation...rewriting history again? so typical...