Aug 11, 2006

Malaysia Makes Good Progress Towards Achieving Vision 2020: Dr M

Some nice compliments for the current government. :-)

Extracted from BERNAMA
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11 (Bernama) -- Malaysia has made good progress towards achieving Vision 2020, said former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

However, he said, slower economic growth may result in the country not being able to achieve the degree of the vision that was planned.

"We are not growing like before. We grew at eight percent before and now it is less than seven percent," he said.

He was asked on his assessment of Malaysia's progress towards Vision 2020 at the question-and-answer session after delivering his keynote address, titled "Reinventing Our Future", at the 8th TEC Asia Annual Meet 2006 here Friday.

Dr Mahathir said when the vision was launched, the government then had aimed for a growth rate of seven percent per annum.

"By having that growth rate, the country would be able to double its gross domestic product (GDP) every 10 years.

"And by the end of the third decade we would be able to achieve per capita income of US$16,000 (US$1=RM3.63) and that will mean we will be among the developed countries," he said.

On the hurdles to achieve the vision, Dr Mahathir said they could be from internal or external factors.

"If the world economy is not doing well, Malaysia will not do well," said Dr Mahathir, who is also the president of Perdana Leadership Foundation.

He said Malaysia was a purely trading nation with trade making up 200 percent of its GDP.

"This is more than twice of the nation's GDP. We are very trade-dependent so if our trading partners are not doing well then of course we cannot grow," he said.

He said other countries' trade with the rest of the world only made up about 20 percent of the GDP.

On how would he would reinvent the future for the country, Dr Mahathir said Malaysia was largely on the right track.

However, he said, there is a need to accelerate the process because "we are little bit behind time."

"We have to be forward-looking. We should focus on development much more quickly. Everytime a dollar changes hand somebody becomes richer.

"So it is important to ensure that money moves.

"Money saved and kept under the pillow is not going to do any good to anyone. It is not going to increase.

"It will worsen when there is inflation because the purchasing power will be less," he said.

Sharing his 22 years' experience as a prime minister, he said in the past, the government tried to accelerate the movement of money to get things "moving."

"We started projects. If the economy were not doing well we pumped in money to build things because everytime we spent money, everybody will benefit and will get a piece of the cake," he said.

"For the government it is very good because eventually we will get our money back. Companies get their money back through profits. The government gets money back from taxes.

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Gigi said...

Kes ni berat dan besar. tak semudah yang kita jangkakan... Yang menang ada, yang kalah pun ada. Yang mati ada, yang kekal hidup ada. Untuk Tun, macam dia kata la...i am old, admitting that death isnt far. Untuk PM, he isnt young either. Death could esily be postdated in the dairy already. For Khairy, he didnt realise that death is the truth. Its coming surely. Dia yang paling takut sekali. He will lose big junk of life, more Libra to come, more augusta to come. anwar may not be there to help him round. Anwar org pandai, pensyarah universiti luar negara lagi. I heard he got Straight A's dari darjah satu lagi..Tu sebab anwar tak jadi pensyarah local U.

So, its a classic case. I hev seen it in myteam finals. and PM was there too to witness the calamity of being to obvious on the core issue of nepo or krono, or rudeness wtevr u name it. U wish to break the rhytm, then u must face the ripples. To PM, just be grateful..... macam mana orang grateful i wouldnt know. Anwar cant tell you that. Not many of us know the meaning of being grateful. Grateful has meaning bordering to sedar diri, realising who you are... and clinging closely to whtevr u have, has meaning bordering to tak sedar diri.

Its tough for me to say this. If anybody want to kill off the one and only TUN, i dunno what kind of man he is. Anwar tahu makna pisau tertikam diri sendiri, PM jangan cuba. Khairy mentah lagi, duk tepi je. I thought there are leaders from UMNO other than khairy. Or Khairy has gone overboard assuming all roles!!!!!!.... Saya bukan pemimpin, saya ahli UMNO yes, i am looking and surely i will be reacting. The way i thought best. For my little country call malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Tun is truly a visionary leader. He sets forth a VISION for the our nation, for all its people to have a clear sight and to aim at goals and milestones to be achieved in a time frame that is even beyond our own time. Looking back at his first speech in 1991, it is so very relevant even in todays context and this signifies a far-sighted leader that wants his nation and people to live and work for a common purpose.
I know for sure thatour children and grand children who will live to see 1st January 2020 will be grateful for the platform set forth more than 30 years ago.