Aug 20, 2006

Khairy : UMNO members providing bullets and guns to opposition

A very good son-in-law indeed. Praise the father-in-law as a far sighted leader and he has only been in the football field for 10 mins?.

Extracted from TheStar
Khairy accuses some Umno members of backstabbing party leaders

MALACCA: Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin has accused some Umno members of playing the role of opposition and backstabbing party leaders.

"It is like our soldiers fighting on the frontlines and getting shot in the back," he said when opening the Kota Melaka Umno delegates meeting here yesterday.

"By offering information to the opposition, it is like we are offering bullets and guns for them to shoot us," he said, adding that the opposition often referred to Umno members who made attacking speeches against their own leaders.

"Where do we (Umno) put our faces? Why do we have to show our wounds to others? " asked Khairy, adding there were more important issues to handle.

He said it was important for Umno to stay united and remain strong. "We should support the institution, not individuals."

Khairy said the country needed leaders that are far-sighted and not those who merely want to be popular but not concerned about the future of the country, adding that the Government had reduced fuel subsidies and increased the price of petrol so that the future generation would not be burdened with debts.

At another function, Khairy maintained that he had suffered losses amounting to RM200,000 when he sold his shares in ECM Libra Avenue Bhd.

"I have done my calculations and I am sticking to the figure I quoted before," he told reporters after opening the Sri Gading Umno Youth division meeting in Johor Baru.

"Why should I lie about my losses? he asked, referring to questions raised that he had actually lost much more in the transaction last week.

Khairy sold his stake of 10.2 million shares in ECM Libra Avenue, representing 1.23% of the company, for 65 sen a share.

He had bought the shares at 71 sen a share in December last year.

ECM Libra Avenue chairman Datuk Kalimullah Hassan had also reduced his stake in the company to 40 million shares or 4.8%.

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