Aug 23, 2006

Khairy told explain remarks at BN Youth supreme council

Khairy trying hard to impress everyone. He tried to be clean. He tried be outspoken. But this time, he is in trouble again, and no help from the "keris man" a.k.a UMNO Youth Chief or his father-in-law a.k.a the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Excerpt from TheStar

The MCA Youth wants Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin to personally explain his remarks concerning the Chinese community at the Barisan Nasional Youth supreme council meeting.

MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said: “He has to be sincere and explain thoroughly via the proper Barisan Youth channel why he was misunderstood by the media, as he claimed."

Khairy, he said, should never repeat the same remarks again, quoting a Chinese saying that “the person who started the trouble should end it.”

“If he said he was misunderstood, tell us why he was misunderstood,” the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister told reporters after chairing the MCA Youth political bureau meeting at Parliament here today.

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