Aug 22, 2006

Hisham: Up to Khairy to convince BN leaders

Oh, no support from the "keris" man. Too bad Khairy, you are on your own.

Extracted from MalaysiaKini
Umno Youth head Hishammuddin Hussein today said it was up to his deputy Khairy Jamaluddin to convince Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders that he did not intend to offend them.

Commenting on Khairy’s defence that his controversial remarks at a recent Umno meet had been misinterpreted, Hishammuddin said: "If he said he has been misunderstood, then I believe he has been misunderstood."

As to whether he would instruct his deputy to apologise, he said: "I don’t instruct anybody to do anything especially when it involves his personal views."

"It’s for him (Khairy) to satisfy our friends in the component parties that what was reported is not what it seems. There are people who have looked at it from a racial point, we have to convince them [...] It’s a learning process for Khairy," he said at a joint press conference of BN Youth wings at the Parliament lobby.

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