Aug 20, 2006

‘Forged signatures’ in Support Pak Lah petition

I dont know whether this is sad for PM Abdullah Badawi or just simply embrassing.

Excerpt from MalaysiaKini
About two-thirds of the 2,050 signatures in the pledge of support for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi purportedly from an Umno division in Sabah are not genuine, claimed a party member turned whistleblower.

"Only 650 members signed up," said Abdul Mutalib Mohd Dawi, one of the Umno members involved in the signature campaign in the ruling party’s Silam division, told malaysiakini.

The ‘Support Pak Lah’ petition originally targeted a total of 5,000 signatures and was initiated by the division's controversial acting head, Samsu Baharun Abdul Rahman.

When only a few hundred signatures were collected, the organisers of the petition allegedly decided to try other means.

"The rest of the signatures were the work of phantom hands who filled the forms in secret sessions over two nights," said Mutalib.

He said the majority of Umno members had refused to sign the petition not because they were against Abdullah, but were dissatisfied with Samsu's leadership at the division

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