Aug 12, 2006

Dr M's challenge: Swear on the Quran with me

What will our PM say this time.

Extracted from MalaysiaKini
Dr Mahathir Mohamad today insisted that he was telling the truth on the Malaysian government’s offer of sand and airspace to Singapore in the bridge negotiation, adding that he was prepared to swear on the Quran on his claim.

“We can go to the mosque and swear on the Quran together, swear together in the mosque,” he challenged government leaders who have rebutted his claim to do so at a press conference held at the sidelines of the Umno Youth Petaling Jaya Utara division annual general meeting this morning.

He said the proof that the Malaysian government had made the offer was in ‘black and white’.

“There are people who have seen it, the meeting between Malaysia and Singapore were attended by many people and they said there is this letter, show that letter, not other letters,” he stressed, adding that the government should not hide behind the Official Secrets Act.

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