Aug 22, 2006

Abdullah's son 'a hands-off investor'

Board members have not met Kamaluddin? What kind of board member is that? Silent partner?

Extracted from The Straits
Scomi CEO also says firm's growth due mainly to overseas projects

MALAYSIAN energy services company Scomi Group had kept mum for months as rumours grew about its alleged clout in getting local projects simply because its top shareholder, Mr Kamaluddin Abdullah, is the son of the Prime Minister.

But the company finally broke its silence at the weekend when its chief executive officer, Mr Shah Hakim Zain, stepped up to say that Scomi's growing business was due to its overseas contracts, with local contracts making up only 15 per cent of its revenue.

He also made another revelation to quash the talk of influence-peddling - Mr Kamaluddin practises such a hands-off style in the company that not even all of Scomi's board members have met the Premier's son.

Mr Shah Hakim told Umno-owned newspaper Mingguan Malaysia: 'I am the boss to the board of directors which comprises 10 ex-cos. Four of the ex-co members have never met Kamaluddin.'

His comments come at a time when Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has decided to fight back against the volley of criticisms from his predecessor, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The accusations include alleged sweetheart deals involving the family of Datuk Seri Abdullah.

Mr Kamaluddin is Datuk Seri Abdullah's only son.

Rumour-mongers also jumped on the fact that Mr Kamaluddin, 38, was named Malaysia's 10th richest Malay in 2004 by a business magazine, with assets of RM320.13 million.

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