Jul 23, 2006

Mahathir vows to continue attacks on Malaysian PM Abdullah

Tun Mahathir is really on the loose now. Is he the senile retired Prime Minister or he really has a greater interest and love for the country?

Looking at the amount of supports that he received today at Subang Airport upon his return from overseas trip, one might start to wonder.

Saturday, July, 22, 2006. Mahathir on Saturday vowed to carry on a fight against the government he calls incompetent and gutless, as he accused his successor of running scared. (AP Photo/Kiat)

Excerpt from AFP News

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - Former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad vowed to continue his campaign against his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, saying that Malaysia was losing its self-respect.

"This is a free country. Anyone can say anything. What is that you (the government) want to hide?" Mahathir, 81, told a crowd of some 600 noisy supporters after returning home from a two-week holiday in London and Turkey.

"This is a transparent government. Anyone can say anything. If I want to speak, I will speak," he said after landing in a private jet at a military airport in Kuala Lumpur.

The supporters, many of them members of the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), carried banners reading "Mahathir Save Malaysia," and "Wipe out the traitors of religion, race and the country".

Abdullah is the president of UMNO, the largest and most powerful political party in Malaysia with some 3.0 million members.

Excerpt from MalaysiaKini

I didn’t think that one day I will get such a reception [crowd claps and cheers wildly]. But when I was prime minister, there were more people (to receive me) [crowd laughs].

Now, I am not allowed to meet people. What are they so afraid of? [crowd shouts: ‘not scared, not scared’]. Why are they scared of me? It’s not that I can do anything [crowd: laughs].

When I stepped down (as PM), I didn’t getting any more praises. Back then, it was not just praises, but also the display of great admiration. Now, I wanted to speak to some people in England - cannot. I wanted to speak to former elected representatives in Kelantan, even that was banned

Meanwhile the former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar warns opposition parties for courting the 'authoritarian' Mahathir (source)

Some news agencies even quoted Anwar stating that Tun Mahathir is pushing to re-take Malaysia's leadership. (source)

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I Missed The Tongkang So I'm Stuck Here said...

Now, see, what we have here is a failure in communication. Some men, you just can't reach. For example, Mahathir. Imagine an illegal immmigrant from Kerala, India suddenly found himself awash at a beach in Kedah. He fervently kisses the ground and declares, sundry and all, that he has returned home.

Of course, being a newly minted Son of The Soil (incidentally it can be reduced to an acronym, S.O.S.), Mahathir then proceeds to burnish his S.O.S. credentials. How he does it is quite well known. There is no need to elaborate on his tactics in securing political support from the S.O.S., particularly, from a certain Menteri Besar in 1969, Harun Idris (Wow, a real S.O.S. hero!).

In short, now he is resorting back to the same tactics he has employed previously. I would suggest that he relinquishes his Tun title and return back to the political fray. I am quite sure, with his demagogic and pedantic agitprop speeches, he should have no problem of securing S.O.S. support. Or alternatively, I have heard that the residents of Kerala, India is prepared to offer him and his family a plot of land, reserved of course, so that he may retire in peace and help his 'former' kinsfolk in Kerala to make it a developed state. Oops, wasn't that Selangor?

xazuru said...

I guess.. this fight is all the matter of making their own 'kroni' fatter.